It's Better than Eating Alone

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I do remember last year, 2004, I posted on my old weblog about a floor full of cards that some of my first grade students made for me. This year, a class actually made a whole poster and sang to me by my classroom door. This was the same year my relationship with one still significant to me ended. The way I was looking at those cards with a broken heart, and the way this year has been, it feels even worse.

My companions here ask why today I didn't even do anything special for my birthday. Why I had to engross myself with tons of work. I never really asked myself that question. I probably have the tendency to just repeat my mistakes and make choices out of what I think would be convenient and unemotional. The result - a day that went by with well wishers I simply smiled at but ended up doing my daily routines with.

I did get e-mails, and they were received with great thanks. I'm glad I still do have friends out there. Of course, deep within these, my thoughts, I still get the periodic, "Why didn't she e-mail me, I thought we were friends," or "It's no special having my birthday without her," kind of thoughts. Then again, what the hey! Life goes on, and on.
I still do remember a lot of things from the past years. Twenty seven is still a long way behind.


  • hey!!!! sana naaalala mo pa ako... kung hindi na, magpapakilala ulit ako. ako si ligay! :D

    By Blogger ronnan leah, at 7:53 PM  

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