It's Better than Eating Alone

Friday, November 11, 2005

The place is called The Taj, one of the lovely restaurants here that serves Indian food. The occasion was an uncelebrated birthday. Don Julie, who teaches 7th grade and is my classroom neighbor, dared to tell me that I should have at least done something for my birthday, and was making sure it came true. So along with roomie Isaac, she said she'll take me out to eat the next day. I wasn't planning to say yes, saying that I was really busy (and really I was) with installing the new DSL network I have in my lab. Roomie Isaac persuades, and so I simply said, "If the network will work by 5:00PM tomorrow, you'll take us out to The Taj!" She said, 'sure.'

I got it working by 10AM that same morning, although some rough edges here and there, but it was working. Isaac of course, was a great help. And so, when DJ passed by my room, it was set. Dinner.

The evening was great, no rains, although it was drizzling that afternoon. I still had some students and people greeting me a belated happy birthday, and so I was smiling this time. Isaac made sure though, that my mind was not preoccupied.
It wasn't my first time eating there, but it was my first time eating there with a smaller group of three. I couldn't pronounce the dishes in the menu, but I have fallen in love with the steamed rice that they serve (I had a taste of that with a catering they did with one of our staff gatherings). So I had to go for a vegetarian entree and rice. I had this peas and mushroom with Indian sauce dish, and let me tell you, its still making my mouth water up to now. Isaac and DJ had their own, no rice though. They had the nan instead, unleavened bread that had different flavors. (They were good too).

DJ, as I remembered it, promised me dessert. So we ordered a couple. She told the waiter early on that it was my birthday (though he never realized that it was WAS my birthday), so apparently (it was probably a manager of some sort) when we finally ordered dessert, my order was from the house! A small tear came out from the corner of my eye, and Isaac blurts out, "You didn't expect that, did you? See, you're smiling!" I was. I ordered a vanilla ice cream with peaches and strawberry syrup, cherry on top, with some almond and raisin toppings. It was wonderful. I regret not having brought my camera for it. Isaac ordered a multi-scoop of ice cream kind of thing, and DJ didn't have any (just picked up some helpings from our ice cream) because she was too full. It was really a happy time for me, and I thank DJ for making it happen. I am really mean to her sometimes, but that's just the way I am. (teehee) She's cool, really. And I am glad roomie is there to make sure I had fun too. For an after birthday, I think it was a really wonderful way to get me back to this track of life that I almost forgot about.

Love y'all.


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