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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chance in Life

I was telling my roomate last night how awfully tired I was. I couldn't figure it out, I said, and then it dawned on me. I haven't been having much fun lately.

My lab is now equipped with a DSL line (and trust me, it ain't fast enough). I've been trying to configure and reconfigure it becuase the speed is definitely not THAT exciting. I even have sleepless nights from the last few days just thinking about what's supposed to be done to make the speed faster. And to top all that, I've been downloading a copy of Linux for two days straight now! (poor computer only had a restart today).

So I guess I should give my computer a chance in life. I promise to let it rest once Linux has been fully downloaded (that would be, hmmmm, 40 hours in total, hehe).

I guess I should give myself a chance in life too. How about a long weekend on Thanksgiving? Hmmm, that would be very, very nice. (We do have a long weekend on Thanksgiving next week).

There's another activity coming up though. And guess when it is. Thanksgiving weekend.



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