It's Better than Eating Alone

Monday, November 21, 2005

Reading your BLOG again

How long has it been. Two months, I think. I've been pointing my browsers to other sites.

Deep inside I'm stopping myself (and I still wonder why). Maybe because I'm phobic because of the last entry I actually read. Still leaves after images in my eyes and raises my few growing body hairs. In fact, my browser at home doesn't remember your blog address anymore.

But now I'm reading again. Those same feelings, of course, just won't go. It was a challenge, whether or not to keep my last blog running. Finally, you won over me. And I'm the one who's trying to get back.

I still love the way you write. Very picturesque, even without the actual pictures. Or maybe its just me and what I'm trying to imagine you out of. Curse the day blog became an easy space for anti-depression.

It's not that this come-back practice is bad, it's just not the same. Although pictures paint a thousand words, one word can paint a million pictures. (I don't even know what that means)

Surely, there is more to this.