It's Better than Eating Alone

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mister MisUnderstood

I just gave up today. Nothing, in its most obvious way of saying things will I be able to live up to the expectations of other people. I know, I should not be the type of person who goes ahead and out just to please them, those who look at us and tell us what we should do or not. I don't care really. But the truth is, I am deeply hurt.

People don't realize that there is just so much pain that we can inflict on each other just by ignoring the facts of cause and effect. And to top it all there's just too much pride in us that we remain oblivious of our own path to self-destruction. If that's not even enough, try explaining yourself and soon a gladiator's arena forms to mangle each of us to death, bit by self-gratifying bit.

I give up. No person has the right to judge me or even claim to be better than I am. If that person insists then I'd be willing to trample on his feet and simply say that I too have my own right. I am disgusted, ridiculed, and defenseless.

And to you, I do know you don't give a hoot.


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