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Sunday, August 13, 2006

For Isaac: The Oddities from Home

This is for roomie Isaac. I kept telling my family that you didn't believe a lot of what the Philippines could have offered you. Here's a gallery I came up with. Check them out:

This one is a jeepney plying the highway. "Look ma, no view of the road ahead!" They actually pile them this much, and my Uncle was even telling me that they have not loaded the vehicle enough yet!

On our way to Bukidnon my cousin-in-law slowed down so we could see this one. It's a Seventh-day Adventist Church by the highway atop the high mountain that we were trying to cross. Apparently this one rich guy had this built so that he could go to church close to his rest home. I like the color too.
Then I went back to the Manila area, and stayed with some friends from school. Remember that naked statue that I told you was my University's emblem? Well . . .

You've also heard about how wonderful the Division office here in the Philippines is for Asia-Pacific. I posed with the main building as my background. It is real:
Then I went home to our island and it's rice planting season. I was able to go with my brother as he drove our tractor to till the rice paddies. Here's a glimpse of one of the homes that was built right in the middle of the farms, with the irrigation canal right down their yard. I saw about four children in the house with their parents.

Sumi should see this one. This is the kind of frog that I used to chop their heads off and cooked, and ate of course. This one I took a fancy in because by our standards, it's huge! These come out whenever they till the soil because they're usually in the ground waiting for the night time. Yummy!So there you have it. Believe me, one of these days I will bring you to my home myself and have you enjoy the sights, the ride, and the food. Hehe.

'Til next!


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