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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Road and Recovery

That was a great conversation, I would admit. Although I could also say in all honesty how uncomfortable I was with the topic.

Should I say I'm conservative? Some people see me as such, but I wouldn't say I am entirely. Am I liberal? Perhaps, but a counter-recounter of words seem to tell me that its not all about being termed conservative or liberal.

1) Church - I do not like Christian Rock, although right now I find myself listening to Christian Alternative bands and their songs. I am acceptable of hymns in church, but am also a fan of livelier, more life-giving worship styles. I believe in the "the church can still change" themes as opposed to "we've always done it this way" type of ideals.

2) Music and Movies - Other than Christian music, I still am a listener of Parokya ni Edgar, the original Eraserheads, Stone Temple Pilots, True Faith, Enya, and Adam Sandler. The Matrix is still my favorite movie. But no, I don't go to movie theatres.

3) Fashion - Women who can wear their clothes confidently are OK with me. I, on the other hand, cannot wear just shorts when I go to church, but will be willing to travel the world in a worn-out shirt and a pair of sports shorts.

4) Social Life - I do remember feeling like a groupie back when I was in college. But I realized I found my loves outside of my confines - I love playing billiards. I may not be good at it, but it sure beats basketball. I can go to bars, but never disco-places. I don't order alcohol (not anymore), but I will go for the chips (hehe). I can play a round or two of network games with my friends, but not with strangers. I would go for a quiet day at the beach, but never to a rock concert.

5) Principles - I do believe that life is made up of choices, whether they are good or bad. And that life will offer you for each choice you make a myriad of other choices. Whatever you do with these choices, will shape whatever will happen to your life.

You be the judge.


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