It's Better than Eating Alone

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What's for Dinner?

I cooked for eight people tonight, fish dishes, and now my shirt smells of it. I'm proud.

Food I think has a very close affinity to me. I have made reforms, however. Right now I don't eat beef and chicken, and their derivatives. I've set myself off of milk too. Only fish and eggs remain, and they come in at the very end of my list of to-be-hads for mealtime. I usually crave now for more natural vegetables and fruit. I've had this for the last three years now.

It came to my mind however, that food, though it has changed a lot in my perspectives, have been a close therapeutic model for me. I say this because I love to cook, and roomie Isaac would always know that there would be two reasons why I'm cooking so much for something - either I'm extremely happy, or extremely stressed. In the end, after cooking, I don't have the appetite.

I also remember how my former girlfriend and I would go out to eat at places and rate the food there. We joked around telling each other we could actually write a column on a magazine about what is great or rotten about the food and the certain place we had it in. Of course, nothing beat homecooked meals, and I do cherish those moments that I was able to cook for her, especially on weekends. Sometimes I did it for her roomates and friends, and our friends, sometimes I just did it to take care of her own cravings for native meals.

I guess that's one of the reasons why I had this blog title in the first place. There's food, there's cooking, and then there's the eating part. I found myself the other day musing at lunch break. I had so much stuff in our fridge. I had so much stuff to crave for. But it does feel empty. The food maybe great, the cooking may be superb. The sad thing is, will it be perfect just eating alone?


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