It's Better than Eating Alone

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


That was one of the longest weekends ever. So the church had a campmeeting, and we had to start last Thursday. Imagine traveling the islands in a barge being towed by a tugboat. Yup. What fun.

My roomie and I were telling each other that Wednesday how we didn't like at all to go. It wasn't much of an adventures, because we've been to better islands before, and camping out for three days? Had to do it.

So we went there, and we beached the whole barge (it can carry two dump trucks) and the tourists on the island (mostly taiwanese I think). It kinda looked like a Normandy storming, like you see in the WWII movies. We emptied the island for ourselves in less than half an hour. Tee-hee.

Problem was, I didn't bring a tent for that actual event, because I've always loved going outside to sleep (the breeze is really great). It rained everyday however, but thank God for the sun cause it never ceased to shine afterwards. We had huge tents though, the ones used as a meeting place. And I had a whole tent for myself because I ran the sound system (which I tried to guard from the elements). The system sat on a very sturdy wooden table (trivia: this same table was donated to the church by Survivor: Palau, after they've used it in the show). Guess what, it made the perfect bed for me for three straight nights.

Activities included fishing, swimming, fishing, swimming, eating, playing volleyball (I don't know how to play, but I played anyway, got me some good scorings too, hehe), playing table tennis, swimming some more, and of course the meetings. We even did a surfing route with the Pastor's little boat (now THAT was exciting).

So I had four days out of the town, out of the school, spending the Thanksgiving holiday on a neat island, and I couldn't ask for more. But I could have. The Pastor's in-laws are here and they were invited by the Senator (a member of our church) to go on a fishing trip at the northern part of the islands. Now if you were invited to the northern part of the islands here, it would be the best invitation you could ever have, because you know the expense and effort needed just to get you out at SEA is way much. Of course, I got the invitation, but they were gonna go on a Monday. Monday, my friends, meant school. Unless by any chance of fate the school got cancelled, I had my dream torn in front of me. After a last jump atop the barge into the water, it was time to go on a Sunday noon.

Monday. Classes are cancelled at 8AM because there was a fire near the school and the smoke was everywhere.

Yup, looooooongggg weekend indeed.


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