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Monday, March 13, 2006

A Sunday Spring Sortie

I decided to finally come out of the living-in-the-town 24/7 and went for a trip in one of the bigger island communities here. The place, Pelilieu, is famous because of the battle that raged here between American forces and the Japanese during world war two. It is a 45-minute speedboat ride from the docks to the Island, and the calm sea was just a marvelous treat for most of us teachers who were taking this break.

This one was when the boat has come to dock, and everyone suddenly notices my hair. The pastor was saying, "Somebody take a picture!" I grabbed my camera instead, and had it with Jorge, one of our Hispanic teachers (don't ask me about his shades though, hehe). It gives you a little taste of what used to be cool - Vanilla Ice, in a darker style.

Our first stop was a jungle trek to find old Japanese anti-air machine guns. You'll be seeing a bigger gun in while, so I'll just treat you with so I just decided to have you see a picture of the jungle, and the guy swaying in it. Donjulie and Mica in the background.

Next stop was a bombed out HQ from the war. You could easily tell through gaping holes on the top floors and the building frame sticking out. I should get that picture inside the bomb shelter.
A perfect beach line don't you think? Apparently too, a scene of one of the worst gunnings experienced by US forces when they were trying to take the island from Japanese forces. Imagine the opening landings of Saving Private Ryan.

Here's the "big gun" I was talking about. A rusty, but intact, cannon facing the ocean, probably for the ships that were at the bay. Adelina (in the sky blue shirt) and Sumi pose.

And to top that wonderful day, one of the greatest sunsets I have ever took a picture of with my 3.2MP Camedia.

It was a great day to be alive.


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