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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Crisis in Power


I have not been able to continue my blogging spree for the last couple of days for two reasons:

1) There is a power crisis in the island right now. The power company has taken steps in scheduling the outages, and each section of their grid has to be out of power for eight hours in a day. EIGHT hours! This week they were able to come up with a schedule for our section of the town, and it goes off at 1am 'til 5am, and then again at 1pm to 5pm. Imagine this: I teach computers four days a week, and some of my more important classes happen at 1pm 'til 3pm. Or this one: I have to work at night in the lab because I'm not able to use it in the afternoons when there is no power. And this too: My classroom, along with six other classes, only have so much windows to actually let air in when we are in the tropics (tropics = humid = can't breathe when there's no A/C). And then the final punch: It's gonna last for 3 months, the power company claims.

2) They took away the access point that was attached to my home PC. Well, actually I took away the access point because we had to build another network in the other campus and the AP was an extra one for such cases. I wanted to order online for a USB wireless adapter BUT amazon would not ship to my island. GREAT. So I had to have my sister in California order it for me and now I have to wait for it to be shipped to her and then wait for her to ship the gadget to me. I don't like being alone in the lab every night because its just no fun doing that, so I guess I'm gonna have to wait it out.



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