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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pruning the Bonsai

Before I went home I was invited by some old friend if I could talk to a Youth group in their church for one weekend. I love going through outings like this. So as a homage, I've included them in this blog.

Apparently they were having some problems with how they related to each other in the group. I learned that it was not so for longer than they can remember, and it only changed when some people apparently, well, "changed." There were those members who are recently coming out of their shells, and new ones that were not part of the "original" group. I didn't know these people, but spending that small time with them made me see how simple their needs were. They just needed to be reminded that they had to love each other. I wouldn't say more, simply because I couldn't, but I'm sure that after that weekend, everything would go through changes. For the better.

God bless you, my Youth.


The experience was even more accented that it happened in a lovely bonsai garden. I loved them.


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