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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wanted: A Life

Things happened very fast during the New Year's first weeks:

1. I needed to accomplish preparing (and presenting) reports to three of my classes in the University, and I was in deep need of references. I'm just glad that there are heaven-sent people and means that seem to make the overwhelming task easier.

2. I needed to move from one apartment to another, which happened bit by bit, every waking hour. What was harder was the fact that my new room's space was very difficult to manage. I'm thankful that now I have it all figured out. Now if only I could do my laundry better...

3. Work! Work! Work! Everything has been about working out things that work needs me to accomplish. The worst thing is - I have not been able to finish even one.

This is the time when I am not able to sleep at night (not that I had any sleep to begin with), thinking what did I miss. Right now my social life is in a halt. I'm not able to get through realizing that I am just going to the motions right now. Add to that is the seeming lonesomeness that I now have in my tower - my fourth floor apartment room. Staying here has been safe enough, but I have become a prisoner to comfort. I don't like it. I don't think I want to like it. I need a partner. I hope soon. Otherwise, I will go insane.


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