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Saturday, February 03, 2007

I, Arrogant

My head was full of steam for two weeks now. There was injustice that went on and I did not accept it unlike other people did. I clashed with one of the most influential person in the circle of this community. I had my right to say what I said. I felt I was right in claiming that I was, right. Later on I realized that she simply called me arrogant and proud. I am offended.

What does it take to be arrogant anyway? I have applied the word to myself, if my memory serves me right, not long ago. I believe I am. But why would they said this at a time when I completely understood what I was fighting for? One of my friends told me that maybe because this is the first time that her influence has not fazed me, and I have become brutally honest with what I believed in. Perhaps. But then, I do not want to be wrong.

Today, the same steam is in my head. It was a different dilemma, but it's the same old me. She suddenly said, "see, that's the problem with you . . ." My thoughts however tell me that I was trying to tell her that she did me wrong and I had every reason the become hot-headed. I have struggled with my temper before. And now, I fail to claim the victory.

I should stop being right about things. I should take all the blame for all I care. Trample on me, burn me. But never call me arrogant.


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